Instituto de Seguridad Minera


The Mining Safety Institute (ISEM) under its slogan “For a Safe and Productive Mining” organizes the International Competition of Best Practices in Safety & Occupational Health at Mining Operations, in order to promote and disseminate the best practices that achieved effective solutions and unified employees´ involvement.

1. Objectives:

The objectives of the International Competition of Best Practices in Safety and Occupational Health at Mining Operations are as follow:

a) To share successful experiences of Best Practices in Safety and Occupational Health that have contributed to improve the standards of Safety and Occupational Health at Mining Operations.
b) To expose good managements through the implementation of innovative practices, promoting a reduction in risks levels and incidents, and/or accidents at Mining Operations.
c) To recognize the efforts made by mining companies, contractors and related in the implementation and development of new ideas that contribute to a positive impact in benefit of employees´ wellness and companies itself.

2. Addressed to:

Professionals involved in mining operations, mining contractors and related.

3. Categories:

a) Underground.
b) Open pit
c) Refinery and foundry
d) Others.

4. Period of validation of the Best Practice::

January 2012 - January 2020

5. Contest Criteria::

Best Practices will be evaluated according to the following criteria which are not exclusive of other attributes of the Practice. One of the following must be met at least to be accepted:

a) Participation of employees and managers
b) The Practice is part of the company´s policies
c) The Practice improve, objectively, working conditions
d) The Practice had measured Safety results or reasonably attributable.
e) Risk control hierarchy: elimination, substitution, engineering controls, administrative controls and allocation, and the use of personal protective equipment.
f) The Practice reduced regular cost
g) The Practice reduced paperwork
h) The Practice proposes improvements in standards-related

6. Number of Practices to be presented by company:

Up to 5 practices by company.

7. Documentation:

a) A summary report of 4 pages maximum. This should show the goodness of the Practice according to measured results.
b) The document should have attached the supporting base including other attachments with no restrictions such as: images or videos, testimonials, maps and plans, among others.
c) The file containing hyperlinks must be in Adobe Acrobat.
d) The file should have the following information:
o Title.
o Category.
o Information from the autor or o implementer of best practice. (names and surnames, occupation, phone, email and profesional review of the author (maximum 5 lines)).
o Company where the best practice was implemented.
o Adress.

8. Representative::

The management level of the company. The document must be signed and a letter of presentation has to be attached.

9. Works submission:

An e-mail addressed to

10. Contact information::

For further information, you can contact Ms. Rosanita Witting Müller by e-mail at

11. Technical Jury::

Appointed by the Mining Safety Institute (ISEM)

12. Evaluation criteria:

Effective assessement above 70%

The evaluation criteria are:
• Impact on worker safety.
• Implementation feasibility.
• Originality.
• Hierarchy of controls.
• Effectiveness measurements (before vs after implementation).

13. Awards:

• The three most outstanding works will be awarded within the development of the 24th International Seminar of Safety in Mining Operations (SISM) to be held in Lima-Peru 2020, with a trophy in recognition of the company.
• A note in our journal and website “Seguridad Minera”.
• A time by presentation the best practice at the 24th SISM (last day).
• A certificate of participation as an speaker of best practice.
• The video of the presentation of best practice, held in the seminar on our YouTube channel ISEM.
• An electronic device to the winners.

14. 1. Deadline of works submissions:

February 21, 2020

15. 1. Award date:

Last day of the 24th International Seminar of Safety in Mining Operations, 2020.